Excerpts from the 2nd edition of Causality (Cambridge University Press, 2009)


Table of Contents ( Book / Chapter 11)

11 Reflections, Elaborations, and Discussions with Readers

    11.1 Causal, Statistical, and Graphical Vocabulary

         11.1.1 Is the causal-statistical dichotomy necessary?

         11.1.2 d-Separation Without Tears (Chapter 1, pp. 16-18)

    11.3 Estimating Causal Effects

         11.3.1 The intuition behind the back-door criterion (Chapter 3, p. 79)

         11.3.2 Demystifying "strong ignorability"

         11.3.3 Alternative proof of the back-door criterion

         11.3.4 Data vs. knowledge in covariate selection

         11.3.5 Understanding Propensity Scores

         11.5.3 Defending the Causal Interpretation of SEM (or SEM Survival Kit)

         11.5.4 Where Is Economic Modeling Today? -- Courting Causes with Heckman
         11.5.5 External Variation vs. Surgery


Errata for Second Edition - reprinted with corrections, 2010.

Errata corrected in 2013 reprinting plus errata prepared for next printing (updated July 27, 2020).