EL-EY SHEER CHOIR (Los Angeles Hebrew Choir)

EL-EY-SHEER is Los Angeles' Hebrew-language choir. As the name implies, the choir is dedicated to the preservation, propagation and enjoyment of Hebrew songs, new and old. It has no sponsoring organization, and is fueled solely by its members' enthusiasm. The choir's repertoire consists mainly of modern secular songs of Israel, with occasional selections of traditional Jewish songs, including Yiddish and ancient Judeo-Spanish (Ladino). Last year performances include:

  1. 40th Annual Los Angeles County Holiday Celebration
  2. Israel Independence Day ceremony (Yom Hazikaron - 2001)
  3. Y. Rabin Memorial ceremony
  4. Temple Shalom for the performing arts.

Songs from our latest recording: Lu Yehi, Shalom Alaichem, Or, Mal'oo Asamayno Bar, Shnaynu Me'Oto Hakfar, Yesh Prahim (New arrangements by Sharon Farber).

Singers of all ranges are welcome to join (judea@cs.ucla.edu).

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