Symposium on
Heuristics, Probability and Causality

By Contributors to Judea Pearl's Festschrift
(Edited by Rina Dechter, Hector Geffner, and Joseph Y. Halpern, College Publications, 2010)

UCLA professor Judea Pearl was honored March 12, 2010 at an all-day workshop celebrating his contribution in artificial intelligence and related sciences. The vidoes linked on the right feature lectures from the Heuristics Session of the symposium. (Other sessions can be viewed from their respective pages.) Click here for table of contents and full texts of the articles presented.

VIDEOS: Heuristics Session

Rich Korf
"Space complexity of combinatorial search algorithms"

Hector Geffner
"Judea's approach to AI"

Dana Nau
"Paranoia Versus Overconfidence in Imperfect-Information Games"

Rina Dechter
"On the Power of Belief Propagation: A Constraint Propagation Perspective"

Robert Holte
"Mechanical Generation of Admissible Heuristics (26 years later)"


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