CAUSALITY - Discussion (Many Readers) Date: December 4, 2000
From: Many readers
Subject: Homework, or Gentle Introduction to Causal Models

Many readers, especially from the SEM community, have asked to be given a gentle introduction into the causal interpretation of structural equations, interventions, causal effects, and other causal concepts -- gentler even that the one given in Chapter 1 of Causality. In order to make such intorduction concrete, meaninful and challenging, I have decided to present it in the form of a quiz, or homework questions. The idea is to gently build up practical skills in reading the causal content of structural equations.

Some of the questions might look trivial to you, yet experience shows that to speak coherently about causation, one must do these homework questions at least once. Thus, if you glance at a question and you know how to solve it, skip to the next one. But if you get stuck later on, do not hesitate to go back as far as needed.

I hope to post the answers on my website during the next week or so.

Homework #1 - The deterministic reading of structural equations [postscript] [pdf]
Homework #2 - Stochastic reading of structural equations [postscript] [pdf]

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